Summer Season – Best Rhyme on Summer Holidays for Kids
20 Mar 2020

Summer Season – Best Rhyme on Summer Holidays for Kids

Post by Khalid M Raza

Let’s learn the following Rhyme on Summer Season.

Summer Season is round the corner

Already We’ve holidays as Our Partner

Let’s have fun Indoor

Or We can Play Outdoor

We should play outside of Our homes

With Guidance from Our Parents Staying at Our Homes

We as a Family take precautions over the Virus

Never afraid to Wear the Mask to Fight the Virus

Let’s Maintain Distance from Others

And Be at Our homes with Our Fathers

And Help in Kitchen to Our Mothers

It’s Our Right to have Fun in Summer Season

But not always under the Sun in Summer Season

Reading Stories to Understand

That’s what We need to Withstand

Worrying Not too Much

Keeping Ourselves Clean so Much

Our Duty is Our Beauty

Our Worship is Our Piety

We can have so Much Fun

But not under the Sun

This is a well written Rhyme in quick time with lesser stanzas to keep the Rhyme restricted for more simplicity. Summer Season has begun and Kids should’ve fun indoor or for sometime outdoors. Let’s enjoy Our holiday with learning and reading activities more than playing Online games.

Khalid M Raza



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