Say No boldly – Kids Poetry- All Posts Only for Kids
26 Mar 2020

Say No boldly – Kids Poetry- All Posts Only for Kids

Post by Khalid M Raza

Say No boldly if You Do Not Like


Never Show anything of Pride


But Say No Never To Your Parents


Still You never hide your Good Talents


Do not hesitate to say No


When You know he’s not Your Bro


Sometimes Be Polite to Say No


Sometimes be Strict to Say No


Never Keep things to get Lost


Arrange all at any cost


Never say No silently


Say it more boldly


Gather the Stuff before You sleep


Sweep your Bed before you sleep


Clean Your Room Before You Sleep


Remember your all School items where you’ve Kept


Do not disturb Your family if they’re already Slept


Things are very interesting if you use “No” in a Proper Way


Do not argue with anyone but be safe and move Away


If you do not like what you want so just Say “No”


Keep patience and be nice to your Sis or Bro


There are many ways to Say “No”


Don’t say “Yes” when you want to Say “No”


Don’t Say “No” when you want to Say “Yes”


Maintain Your Schedule


Do the Work of Your School


Sleep early and get up early


Say “No” not so early


Never Say anything sadly


Do not Cry


Always you Try


Follow what your Teachers say


Learn things what your Teachers Say


If you Don’t know what to Say


Then be Clear on your Way


All about “No” is what you need to Know Today


Learn to Say No Boldly & More


Learn how to say “No” on any matter in your Way


The Way for You to Say No Boldly


Is all Straight to Say So Clearly


Let’s not be afraid of saying No


Let’s learn to know more about “No”


Well, here’s what you learned a bit about how to Say No Boldly. Now what You need to do is be nice to the people around you. Hope you find this poem as just another interesting one to learn with Fun. It’s just the beginning of In Hand Stories. Let’s make it Our favorite and wait for fresh updates everyday or on Weekends. Playing with words always useful to write a poem from nowhere. So, we always produce unique posts from nowhere. We care and think a lot about you to have fun this way.



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