Corona Virus Sad Song – Read to Know What to do
3 Apr 2020

Corona Virus Sad Song – Read to Know What to do

Post by Khalid M Raza

Corona Virus is spreading fast


All Countries have a great task


This Virus is killing So Many


People don’t have enough Money


As Poor People are Suffering a lot


Help the Poor for a good cause


This Virus is teaching us a lot


We’re keeping ourselves clean a lot


We should teach all to remain indoor every time


Social distancing can stop the Virus to climb


USA is most affected now


Italy is next to Spain now


Worrying fact is that China is also back again


Corona Virus is giving us lot of pain


It’s a pandemic


Gruesome epidemic


Symptoms not easy to find


But you can determine this way


If you have dry cough in your way


And fever with some breathlessness


Go to hospital for your checkup of this illness


If you’re positive to this Virus


You’ll be in hospital in a rush


If you care a lot then don’t go out


This way we can kick the Virus out


Out of the World and away


Corona Virus then will not stay


It will be finished One Day

Yes one day…

This is a sad song about Corona Virus or you can say COVID-19 as it’s the main problem around the World. There’s lot you can learn with fun reading this sad song and our other posts as well. Be connected. Feel free to comment.



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