Entertainment for kids online funny story on Superman
23 Mar 2020

Entertainment for kids online funny story on Superman

Post by Khalid M Raza

Hey guys back again with an interesting entertainment for kids online funny story. Let’s discuss about Superman to begin with. The Superman has loads of special resources and abilities to fly high to save people suffering from various disasters. Now it’s time for an entertainment for kids online without too much worrying about being at home. So far, it’s good that we should be at our homes with our parents. (Part 1)…


Everyone in the World tested for the virus and they want to test the Superman as he’s the only one left. Doctors and all the health authorities including the Police search for Superman to make sure everyone gotten cured. The vaccination goes on and all people are healthy now. And live a better life and the fight against the Virus only ends when Superman gets caught.


The plan goes in such a way that they use the support from the Spiderman and he creates a web. And in the web Superman gets caught. So, the authorities take him to the testing room. It’s a short fun not intended to make you away from being tested in anyway but it’s an entertainment for kids online. Yes, don’t worry read more to see how Superman behaves.


The hospital staff arranges the testing kit. Meanwhile the govt thanks and appreciates the effort of Spiderman. Thus, they come closer to the Superman and he says, he want to use the Toilet first and in goes him. Alas! from the window of the Toilet or Washroom as most of us say, the Superman flies away and escapes. Why does he do this. Let’s read the next part as Part -2. It will be posted soon.



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