Fiction Fun For Kids – The Biggest Ant
18 Mar 2020

Fiction Fun For Kids – The Biggest Ant

Post by Khalid M Raza

(PART 1) All characters in this Fiction Fun for Kids are fictitious and never resemble to anybody’s story or of their personal lives. No attempt should be done similar as what depicted in this story. Here we go...

There were 3 idiots. Allen, Tony and Tom. They were not to be called as idiots but the people in their locality call them so. They do wonders as their experiments carried at their home on and on. Yes, they live together and Allen is somewhat different from the other two. They do research and work hard but they live near a Jungle to do something big. Or to achieve something great with their everyday experiments.

More About 3 Friends in this Fiction Fun


Allen’s schedule or routine is different than Tony and Tom. He sleeps at late nights and wakes up early in the morning. Thus, the three do a lot of hard work but Allen on a different time. But, these three sit together for two hours in the evening and discuss a lot over what they used to do.


One day, Allen does an unique experiment. He makes a magic potion and feeds it to his dog. The dog’s eyes get changed to red color immediately after drinking the potion. And after some time the dog becomes fat and then his dog loses all his skin. Allen gets shocked over this but yet very excited.

He narrates this story to his friends. Tony and Tom think for a while and after they get stunned. But, they advise Allen something safe. So, Allen agrees with both of them. And they take the dog and drop the dog deep in the Jungle. They all three leave the dog in the Jungle because they were afraid as what will the people of the locality think about if they see the dog.

More on Fiction Fun For Kids

Here’s what Fiction Fun For Kids moves forward. Well, these three decide to do an experiment over something strange. So, They select five ants and feed them the same magic potion. Four of the ants get expired. And left is one single ant and it keeps growing. The ant grows too much in about only 1 month and it takes the height of an elephant.

More to come…

The three friends keep the ant in their laboratory, which is very big. Allen calls both Tony and Tom arranges a meeting with them. They all discuss a lot and call the govt officials and informs them. The officials visit their home and they were very excited to see the biggest ant in the World. So, they decide to give all these three friends a huge amount of prize money for such an experiment. The Officials leave these three’s home and inform them that they’ll give price money of about 200 Million dollars next month on the 5th. It was the day as 15th March and they need to wait about 20 days more and they were exited and in ..

Wait for Part 2 of Fiction Fun for Kids … see you soon.

Khalid M Raza



Biggest Ant – Fiction Fun For Kids – Part 2 The Conclusion May 8, 2020 at 3:42 pm - Reply

[…] The Biggest ant story continues right from here but you need to know what’s told in the earlier part 1. Every character in this story is fictitious and any resemblance to any person’s life is purely coincidental. You need to go through the part 2 if required: PART -2. […]

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