Biggest Ant – Fiction Fun For Kids – Part 2 The Conclusion
8 May 2020

Biggest Ant – Fiction Fun For Kids – Part 2 The Conclusion

Post by Khalid M Raza

The Biggest ant story continues right from here but you need to know what’s told in the earlier part 1. Every character in this story is fictitious and any resemblance to any person’s life is purely coincidental. You need to go through the part 1 if required: PART -1.


The three friends Allen, Tony and Tom were very excited to receive their share of the prize money. But, they need to look out for the ant and take the picture or a video along with handing over the large creature. The hunt goes on.


Villagers were so much troubled and afraid that they keep running no matter what? The giant creature was able to destroy everything including claiming many precious lives. Now, Allen finds a way out and tells his friends. They agree to his idea and prepare the strongest smelling scent and leave at the ground over the top of the basement. The large ant comes running towards the scent bottle as if she’s smelling the most excited & delicious meal. Still, it was something that makes lot of horror around and the ant swallows the scent bottle.

Biggest Ant Caught and What?


People all around watch the large ant from very far distance. Allen, Tony, and Tom go towards the ant and they walk slowly towards her. The ant suddenly starts screaming with her loudest voice and then her body weight reduces. Step by step from a size of an elephant to the size of the goat and then to the size of the rabbit. In no time she becomes a normal ant from what was she called as biggest creature to a tiny ant.


The officials reach there as they were expected during that time. They wanted the proof and the three friends were unanswerable. Well, the three expert friends caught in a tight spot. And they were arrested. And because the villagers also speak all bad about these three that they’re responsible for creating this havoc. The three expert scientist find themselves soon in the jail. And in the jail they think and speak to each other. They discuss that it was their biggest mistake that they did when they left the ant free without catching it ASAP to avoid the destruction. The damage has been done and they feel guilty and had they were proactive then many lives could’ve been saved. Thus, biggest ant is no more and that teaches a strong lesson to the three idiots.

Khalid M Raza



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