Fashion for kids means fashion for all -Jeans or any summer wear
8 May 2020

Fashion for kids means fashion for all -Jeans or any summer wear

Post by Khalid M Raza

Fashion is all about the trend that sets every few months. The seasons change and so the fashion too. Fashion for kids is all we’re looking for and in this summer we’re going through troubled unavoidable circumstances. These unavoidable circumstances of remaining at homes with the lock down of Corona Virus is understandable. However, when you look at the other side of the coin to feel fashionable at homes means something delightful.


Fashion for kids is nothing less than what adults do. It’s more than anybody else that kids want to know the fashion trends. They’re fashionable and do a lot more with their attitude and so confident of their making a mark for what they do. Kids love to be fashionable and they need to know what to wear in what season. Winter fashion is different and an opposite of the summer’s. Rainfall is another season that kids need to cover up with. However, we’re fortunate or unfortunate to remain under lock down can tell a different story. If we’re fortunate to think positively of remaining at homes then let me tell you that millions of people are still suffering. Many people dying of Corona Virus. Masks too have now become a fashion statement.


The way the world is dealing is so much of confusion as the lock down might be lifted for few days. And then back again. Discussing about fashion is what we’re doing here right now. We want to be optimistic once we get out of all troubles that we’ve faced and get out of our homes. We’ll then try our best to make an atmosphere full of fashion and joy. Let’s not panic but we at the same time wait for the good days to come.

Khalid M Raza



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