I went inside in Darkness – Kids Post
16 Mar 2020

I went inside in Darkness – Kids Post

Post by Khalid M Raza

Yes I went inside in darkness. But where? and what inside? Yes there was darkness and the time wasn’t of a late night. It was about 20 hours local time and I went inside the fields. There was some grapes hanging over me and I thought for some time to pluck the grapes. My parents were waiting for me out on the road. Fortunately, they called me and I picked their phone call and I told them to wait for some more time. They accepted to what I requested.


Suddenly I lost my way and I was troubled to find out. And to where or which path I should follow? I was confused and ran fast towards one way instead of walking briskly in the darkness. Alas! I lost my phone, which was fallen down when I tried to run fast. It was shocking at that moment as I was unable to find my phone. My parents might be worried over me.

Conclusion: I went inside in Darkness

Suddenly I saw a snake when the darkness lightened with the moon coming out of the clouds. Here I felt that I was not afraid of the snake because the snake was eating a rat. But I thought I’m safe as I noticed that Moon was shining and that brought confidence in me. I preferred to choose another way to go towards the main road. This time I walked but not so slowly and after some time I was saved.

Yes, I reached the main road. And looked on and on to find my family car. The car was blinking with lights. Now I ran towards the car and met my family and they all hugged and I was delighted. I’m proud of my parents as they waited for me. So, I promised them that I will never again tell them to wait. So, whenever they called me since then I used to appear in front of them.

Khalid M Raza



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